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Creative Consultant

Rachael works as a creative consultant using her skills from theatre, screen and education to provide insights and practical application of how companies can think & work creatively outside of the box. 


Rachael provides creative consultancy across a variety of sectors including health, cooperate and creative industries.

Services Include: 

  • Writing / developing new bespoke programmes using movement and theatre expertise. 

  • Creative direction

  • Team building

  • Storytelling 

  • Community & education engagement 


The Old Vic’s Long COVID Wellness Project investigated the benefits of engaging with the arts to support those with long COVID. 

This research-based, participatory creative intervention worked with specialist movement and voice practitioners to create a six-week programme working with 20 adults with long COVID. The weekly sessions focused on using movement, breathing and theatre techniques to support symptoms and wellbeing. 

The project began with a five-month research period to gain insight into the impact of long COVID on individuals’ day-to-day lives, mental health and wellbeing. This research informed our Movement Practitioner, Rachael Nanyonjo, and Voice Practitioner, Charlie Hughes D’Aeth, as they co-created six weekly workshop sessions that were offered for free and delivered in two groups — one taking part online and one in person. During delivery, practitioners and participants were supported by HCPC registered Dramatherapist, Sam Adams. 

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